For each project we begin by asking ourselves: what do we want our raw material to become? This question defines every design and prototype and even the final products that we produce.  This is the basis of our story.

 We begin with a fallen tree. Our raw material is wood from trees knocked down by the wind or by rain or that have fallen due to old age. At times, we also use the wooden remains from pruning done by others.

 Whenever we find a trunk or in a piece of wood in our travels, along the road or in the countryside during our adventures with our families, we pick it up and take it home for future projects.

 If it is wet, we dry it out and we cure it until it is ready for the next step. Once the wood is dry and ready, sometimes even one year later, we begin to prepare it for processing.

 We have learned the trade from our father, a master carpenter. Based on his experience and passion we gained the knowledge to give timber the shape we need, thus creating design objects that transmit life, thought and craftsmanship.